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Join weekly audio essays on ed3 topics and interviews with the builders creating the future of education.

🎧 The Future of Design: Harnessing the Power of AI with Linus Ekenstam

🎧 AI and Education: Perspectives from Japan, the UK, and the US

🎧 Daring Pivots and Alternative Learning Paths - Hope Paterson

🔌 Teachers as Builders

🎧 Empathy-Powered Education - Dr. Sabba Quidwai

🔌 The Fractional Education Future: Bounty-based Education and Upskilling as an Olympic Sport

🔌 Attribution in the AI Age: Giving Teachers Credit, Mapping Projects to Jobs, Intelligent Cooperation, and More

🔌 What Schools Should Teach: Algorithmic Thinking, Adaptability, Agency, and More

🏗 The Power of a Personalized AI Tutor - Bloom

Mindfully Implementing AI in Education: Ethical and Practical Concerns

Unplugged: Culture Design as a Launch Pad for AI in Schools

Unplugged: How AI Makes Us Human

Teachers as Learners in the Age of AI - Tatiana Torres

Personalizing Education with Learning Ecosystems - Serj Hunt of City As a School

Show What You Know with AI - Colin Reynolds of Education Design Lab

Building Curriculum with AI - Bodo Hoenen of Nolej AI

Unlocking the Personalized Web - Evin McMullen of

Learners as Teachers - A Decentralized Education Protocol with Bodo Hoenen

Digital Equity with Beth Havinga of EdSAFE AI Alliance

Permissionless Education - Manuel Maccou of Bankless and Mass Effect

Building Trust with On-Chain Credentials - Tim Connors of