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πŸ”Œ The Fractional Education Future: Bounty-based Education and Upskilling as an Olympic Sport


The future of work and education is fractional. In this episode, we discuss what a bounty-based education looks like and how we can prepare for a future where we upskill every four years.

According to McKinsey, nearly 40% of Americans identify as independent workers, up from just 27% seven years ago. In the future, more of the labor market will focus on fractionalized small bounties that freelancers can pick up and complete. Education is likely to follow suit.

This week's episode of Ed3: Unplugged discusses the future of work and education, focusing on fractional talent and fractional talent marketplaces. Serj Hunt and myself discuss how project-based learning can help people learn skills and earn money by doing small bounties.

We not only talk about the future, but also demo a product we built for the future. This week, we participated in Ben's Bites' Hackathon. In less than two days, we created, To Do Done, an easy way to generate project briefs and post bounties on talent marketplaces with a simple prompt.

Ultimately, fractional work and fractional education can benefit the economy, but metrics and assessments must be developed to prove their effectiveness. Re-skilling is now an Olympic sport: workers must learn new skills every four years. This opens up new potential for learning and working people, as long as they are open to change.

Enjoy this week's episode as a video or podcast.


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