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Unplugged: Culture Design as a Launch Pad for AI in Schools


AI unlocks adaptive learning, providing personalized tutors for every student. But students still need to want to learn. That's why the future of AI in the classroom requires culture design.

AI provides new potential, but a challenge is integration. How do schools innovate and integrate these tools?

In this podcast, Scott Meyer and Serj Hunt discuss the need for culture design in education to enable schools to adopt new technologies such as AI.

The conversation highlights the importance of public collaboration, sharing, and learning to create a rich and diverse ecosystem of innovative practices. Innovation often comes from the fringe, and the podcast shares who we should be watching and learning from so we know how to use and integrate new technologies and practices.

Jump in to collaborate, learn in public, and build helps build a culture of innovation in education! Thanks for tuning in!

References from the Episode


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