Stop Worrying About AI, Start Using AI

Stop Worrying About AI, Start Using AI

FiveMin.AI helps you learn about AI and integrate it into your business.

I believe that AI can help us live better and work smarter.

The people and companies taking advantage of AI are getting ahead. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires a strategy to implement across teams.

FiveMin.AI is here to help. I help you get started with tutorials, take action with 1:1 training, and integrate AI into your business with strategy and consulting.

FiveMin.AI Tutorials

AI is most powerful when it solves specific problems. FiveMin.AI creates short tutorials to help you get started with AI, in five minutes or less!

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1:1 Training

The best way to leverage AI is with personal support for your specific needs. Book a 1:1 training with me. In just 90 minutes, you learn which tools to use and how to use them.

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AI Consulting

Businesses can increase productivity and create better work with the help of AI. I will help your team create a strategy, train your team, and measure the results.

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About Scott

FiveMin.AI is founded by Scott Meyer - an entrepreneur, educator, writer, dad, husband, and runner based in Fargo, ND.

...Yep, like the movie. But different. 😅

He consults with businesses on integrating AI and is working to create new methodologies to integrate AI into teaching and learning. His energetic, accessible, and action-oriented courses and tutorials move AI from a cool toy to an essential tool.

Most recently, Meyer was the VP of Learning at Metacrafters, building a learn-to-earn platform to prepare students for next-gen jobs, including blockchain development and AI. He is also helping his wife Taylor build a stunning jewelry store in downtown Fargo.

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Scott's Path to AI

🌐 Began professional career in international relations with a master's degree and teaching position in peace and conflict studies from The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway

💾 Jumped to technology - founded and grew a digital marketing agency for a decade before exit

📚 Pursued work in higher education - launched a university entrepreneurship center and accelerated learning program

🔮 Working to rethink the future of education with decentralization and AI to improve access, affordability, and accreditation

Let's chat.

AI is a team sport. 🏆

I'm always open to new collaborations and speaking opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating, don't hesitate to contact Scott.