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🎧 The Future of Design: Harnessing the Power of AI with Linus Ekenstam

🎧 AI and Education: Perspectives from Japan, the UK, and the US

🎓New Course: AI for Nonprofits

🚨 Embracing AI: A New Career Adventure

🎧 Daring Pivots and Alternative Learning Paths - Hope Paterson

🗞 Educators as Builders - How EdTech Went Local

🔌 Teachers as Builders

🎧 Empathy-Powered Education - Dr. Sabba Quidwai

🗞 Fractional Education: Bounty-based Learning, Upskilling as an Olympic Sport, BabyAGIs in Action

🗞 Agents, Attribution, Education in the Age of AI

🔌 Attribution in the AI Age: Giving Teachers Credit, Mapping Projects to Jobs, Intelligent Cooperation, and More

🗞 Algorithmic Thinking, AI Tutors, LangChain, and more

🔌 What Schools Should Teach: Algorithmic Thinking, Adaptability, Agency, and More

🏗 The Power of a Personalized AI Tutor - Bloom

Mindfully Implementing AI in Education: Ethical and Practical Concerns

Show What You Know with AI - Colin Reynolds of Education Design Lab

The Emerging Educational Ecosystem

The Last Mile Challenge

Web3 is dead. Long live web3.

Decentralized Research - Leveraging Web3 Communities for Academic Research

It’s Time for Web3 to Build - Creating Real-World Impact with Web3

Shearing the Sheepskin Effect - Ed3 Credentials as Signals and Filters

The Education Evolution: From Ed1 to Ed3

The Disappearing NFT - Unlocking Opportunities with Progressive Credentials

The Transformation of Charity through Web3

Intern to Earn (I2E) - Using Digital Lessons to Change Local Communities

Back(pack) to the Future - Creating Digital Credentials with Soul

Regenerative Education - Solving Global Challenges with Decentralized Coordination

Crypto Curriculum - 10 Steps to Teach Web3 in 60 Minutes - The Future of Decentralized Learning

Strategic DAO Frameworks: The Meyer Matrix and Smiling Dao Curve

The Airdropped University

On-Chain Credentials for K-5 Students in India

From Web3 to Ed3 - Reimagining Education in a Decentralized World