🎧 Kid Prodigy to AI Educator: Kaz Keller's Journey to Empower Others with AI
Photo: Marin Independent Journal

🎧 Kid Prodigy to AI Educator: Kaz Keller's Journey to Empower Others with AI

12-year-old Kaz Keller is hosting AI workshops, training everyone from 12-year-old peers to 90-year-old community members on how to use AI. Kaz shares why AI should be taught in schools, his newfound appreciation for his teachers, and his dream of a selfie with Elon Musk.

What were you doing at 12 years old?

Most kids spend their time playing sports or hanging out with friends. Kaz Keller does this and more.

In this captivating interview, we dive into Kaz's remarkable journey as he builds a thriving AI education business. Kaz is on a mission to make AI accessible to everyone, from his 12-year-old classmates to his teachers to 90-year-old community members.

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Meet Kaz

Like many of us, Kaz first saw ChatGPT and was immediately intrigued.

With his curiosity piqued, Kaz embarked on a journey to master ChatGPT and help others overcome their fear of AI. With a creative post on his neighborhood's Nextdoor page, Kaz offered to teach a one-hour course on ChatGPT, charging a small fee with the hopes of upgrading his computer. The response was overwhelming, with classes selling out and demand increasing.

Personalizing AI

Kaz's workshops help personalize AI. He shared in this interview some of his favorite personalization that helped break the ice with his students, including mimicking the style of famous comedians. His natural talent for engaging his audience and making learning fun is evident in his workshops.

As Kaz notes, AI is an essential skill regardless of age. By teaching as a young middle schooler, he is showing that everyone has the ability to get started with AI.

AI from the Parent's Perspective

Kaz hasn't done this alone. The interview also includes insights from Kaz's father, Sam. As Sam notes, he has witnessed a transformation with his son. Teaching AI has boosted his confidence and prepared him to navigate professional settings. The impact of Kaz's teachings extends beyond the classroom, as he has inspired others to embrace AI and pursue their passions.

AI for All

Kaz Keller's story is a testament to the power of AI and the courage to try something new. Kaz is breaking down barriers through his workshops and classes and proving that anyone can learn and excel with the right tools and mindset. His journey not only showcases the potential of AI in education but also highlights teachers' vital role in shaping young minds.

Learn more about Kaz and follow his journey on his new YouTube channel.