🗞️ The Generational Impact of AI

🗞️ The Generational Impact of AI

AI offers a chance to build a generational legacy - that might just do the dishes so you can be creative. Reflect on AI as a generational opportunity in this article.

On Legacy

We can feel trapped or empowered by our past. As this research paper shows our past influences who we are—even 20 generations ago! This also means we influence generations that will come after us.

We live in the perfect moment to become a “Bernardi family.” Artificial intelligence is “spiky.” Some people are using it a lot, and a lot are using it some.

Take the time and energy to learn AI now. As a recent Microsoft and LinkedIn survey found:

“AI skills are so much of a priority that the report suggests 66% of business leaders wouldn't hire someone without AI skills, and 71% of leaders would prefer to hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them

Knowing how to use AI is a skill that could change the course of our business and personal lives. It could also impact our families for generations to come. Why wouldn’t you try?

On Jobs to Be Done

Of course, people don’t want artificial intelligence to take away what makes them human. They want AI to help them spend more time being human.

Or, as this videogame enthusiast puts it: ,

This quote strikes a nerve because, currently, it feels like AI just does the work we like doing! We want to be creative, and AI is pretty good at that.

However, this is a necessary step to advance AI to a place where it can take away more of the tasks we don’t want to do. Laundry is harder than poems, at least for AI, but we don’t have to get stuck with just the hard stuff.

Companies working in AI need to remember: people don’t want a drill, they want a hole. 🛠️

The same is true in AI.

We don’t want an AI tool, we want more time and better work. AI is just the way we get there.

This ‘jobs to be done’ focus is what my company Chipp is keeping top of mind.

On the Craft of AI

Focusing on the craft of our work leads to success, as Patrick Collison notes:

AI enables everyone to be a craftsperson with the power of language.

Technical ability is not a limiter. However, care still needs to be applied.

Just because AI is fast and easy does not mean it should be careless. Those who can bring humanity and care into their work while leveraging AI will leave a legacy.

AI can help us get our jobs done and unlock generational impact.

Chipp Working to Support Your Legacy

At Chipp, we want you to build success that lasts even longer than the Bernardi family! To do that, you need to easily understand and integrate AI. This week, we took some big steps to make that even easier.

New Features on Chipp

Chipp shipped 3 new capabilities to help you train, analyze, and share AI tools - all free.

Read more about this update.

Chipp Just Got Bigger!

We also welcomed Jofo Domingo and Joie Aquisap to our team to help us make AI more accessible. They’ve already made significant contributions, and we can’t wait to see the incredible work they’ll continue to do.

Do More of What You Love, Love More of What You Do

Our team now stretches from the Philippines to London, Toronto, South Carolina, Kansas City, and Fargo. Even a few short years ago, I could not have worked with such an amazingly talented group of humans.

I'm confident that we will look back and say the same about AI in a few years. What we will be able to do is hard to fathom.

At its core, however, AI should supercharge your craft.

You can do more of what you love and love more of what you do.

I'm working to make AI accessible to all. Please share this newsletter with people who want to be the next Bernardi family! 🇮🇹🙌