🔌 Teachers as Builders

🔌 Teachers as Builders

Teachers can solve problems in their classrooms by using new AI tools. This episode explores the potential to help teachers become builders and how it could humanize and personalize education.

In this week of Ed3: Unplugged, Serj Hunt and Scott Meyer discuss the role of AI in education and how it can help teachers become builders. Enjoy it as a podcast or YouTube video.

Highlights from the Episode

We explore the four identities of a teacher, beginning with a reporter who regurgitates information and ending with a role model who competes with AI-powered chatbots that can teach students on their own.

We then dive into tools for teachers to use AI to improve their classroom instruction. The first is Nolej AI, which transcribes and summarizes classroom lectures, creating flashcards and definitions for students to review. The second, Save All AI, enables teachers to create and share flashcards on any subject with their students.

Then we look at how AI could take note-taking to the next level, allowing students to capture ideas and conversations using microphones, which can then be shared and expanded upon. Ultimately, AI in the classroom can free up time for teachers to focus on the humanizing aspects of education, including coaching, social-emotional learning, and career development.

Overall, this conversation provides insight into how AI can be used as a tool for teachers to enhance their instruction and highlights the importance of bringing humanity back into the classroom.

Resources from the Episode

  1. Nolej.ai - A tool that records classes and generates a transcript, flashcards, and terminology with definitions. Website: https://nolej.io/nolej-ai
  2. Save All AI - A flashcard tool with AI that generates flashcards and their flip side for easy studying. Website: https://www.saveall.ai/
  3. Anki - A flashcard tool for memorization with spaced repetition. Website: https://apps.ankiweb.net/
  4. Tiago Forte's Four Identities of a Teacher - A model that describes the progression of a teacher from reporter to role model. Article: https://fortelabs.co/blog/the-four-identities-of-a-teacher/
  5. Richard Branson's post on AI and dyslexia - An article on how AI can help people with dyslexia by solving some of their weaknesses and unlocking their strengths. Article: https://www.virgin.com/branson-family/richard-branson-blog/ai-aggregates-but-dyslexia-innovates