AI Tools for Educators

AI Tools for Educators

I co-hosted a session with over 1400 educators from Saudi Arabia. Their questions and excitement were inspiring. Here's a list of what we discussed.

What a way to start a morning!

Here is Vriti Saraf, Mike Peck, and myself sharing how AI will change education with over 1400 educators in Saudi Arabia. What an experience it was!

Questions came in Arabic and English with lots of engagement and excitement.

About Our Session

In the session we covered:

  • How to teach with AI
  • How to assess with AI
  • How to provide tutoring and 1:1 support with AI

I shared details about tutoring, in particular, how effective tutoring is to improve learning. With AI, the power can be unlocked and provided for a low cost at scale.

Building a Tutor Bot

I demonstrated how to build a tutor bot using my company, Chipp. You can:

  1. Sign up for free at (click “Get Started”)
  2. Create a new application
  3. Click the “playground” to build your own tutor.

With Chipp, a teacher can create an AI tutor. This bot could talk to students about certain topics, with specific language, or a tone of voice. Teachers can even take things a step further and train their tutors on curriculum, school documents, or any additional information they may have.

This 1:1 companion for students does not replace the teacher. Instead, it helps identify which students may need 1:1 support from the teacher. By providing support to everyone, those who need personal interaction can be identified and supported.

This was just one part of a great session. The recording is available here:

Resources and Links

One of the highlights was showing important tools and resources for educators. Here’s a list of what we covered:

Slides from the Presentation

We are happy to share the slides from the presentation to give you a peek of what was discussed:

Upcoming Sessions

This was the first of three sessions on AI in education hosted by the National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia. Subscribe to this blog for invites to upcoming sessions on Personalized Learning with AI and Digital Credentials with AI.