Create Powerpoint Slides Instantly with AI Using or Canva

Create Powerpoint Slides Instantly with AI Using or Canva

Save time and create beautiful presentations in seconds with AI

Don't waste time creating Powerpoint slides from scratch. Let AI do the work for you!

In this video, learn how to use Gamma or Canva to create slides in seconds with a simple text prompt.

Then use the "Sandwich Method" to use the AI output to craft the perfect story on your slides. This simple trick can help you create beautiful designs in seconds!

Work Smarter with AI

Presentations are usually pretty boring, let’s be honest. Plus, they take time to make, and usually, the person making them is not a designer.

Fortunately, AI is here to help. Gamma and Canva integrate AI to help you create slides in seconds. But which one should you use? Let’s dive in.

Elevate Your Slides with Gamma needs a simple text prompt to get started.

Visit Gamma, and click New with AI. Choose Guide to have Gamma walk you through the process. Then choose Presentation.

Then your big moment! Add a simple line of text explaining what you want. For our example, I asked: “Create a pitch deck for a state grant program for the 990 Project, which makes 990 IRS forms easier to use.”

Note that we say what style/format (pitch deck), who it’s for (state grantors) and what it’s about (990 IRS forms). With a detailed prompt like this, your slides will be more accurate.

After your prompt, Gamma will first give you an outline. You can edit or add to the outline and then choose your slide design. That’s it! Your slides will be created in moments. You can even watch it as it is generated.

The Sandwich Method: Collaborating with AI

AI is great for creating the initial outline. That’s when you sprinkle in some humanity.

The “Sandwich Method” starts with AI, editing with your human touch, and then using AI to proof and promote. The AI sandwich!

This is exactly what Gamma and Canva are great for. They give you a first draft. Of course, it won’t be exactly what you want but it builds the style, layout, and slides you can tweak for your need. Plus, it will give you ideas about what you should cover in your presentation.

Edit your Gamma presentation, invite others to edit with you on the Gamma website, and then export to PDF (no Powerpoint option as of now).

Canva: Another Tool for AI-Driven Presentations

Canva is an alternative AI tool for crafting impressive presentations. While not as stylish as Gamma, Canva still provides a solid starting point that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Choose Create a Design and then Presentation, and then Magic Design. Again provide a detailed prompt in 100 characters or less, and see your slides in seconds.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Presentation stands out for its exquisite designs and ease of use. Gamma is also free, as of now. The big downside is Gamma doesn’t export as a Powerpoint, just as a PDF. Canva is more expensive, and less beautiful, but it does offer support for PowerPoint. Consider your requirements and preferences when making your decision. But…if it were up to me, I would use Gamma if you don’t have to have a .ppt file.

Unleashing the Power of AI for Stunning Presentations

AI can help you upgrade your next presentation. You can create compelling slides efficiently by following the sandwich method and incorporating AI into your workflow.