Digital Credentials: A Workshop for Educators

Digital Credentials: A Workshop for Educators

The third workshop in our series for the National ELearning Center in Saudi Arabia focused on digital credentials. Dr. Julie Keane, Mary Hayes, and Allison Moran joined to share their expertise.

AI and Digital Credentials

The third webinar in a series of AI workshops with the National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia explored the dynamic world of digital credentials, focusing on their evolution, implementation, and impact. With the emergence of AI, there is a new opportunity to recognize knowledge. Our session explored how this is currently being done.

Dr. Julie Keane from Participate, Mary Hayes from Workbay, and Allison Moran from the Learning Economy provide an in-depth look at digital credentials, highlighting their journey, successes, and challenges, especially considering AI advancements. Participants learned how these credentials work practically and explored use cases ranging from the prison system to universities to employers.

What We Covered

1. Comprehensive Understanding of Digital Credentials: We gave a thorough understanding of what digital credentials are, their journey over the past ten years, and their significance in modern education and the job market.

2. Recognizing and Credentialing with AI: We learned to utilize AI tools to effectively recognize and credential specific skills, and understand AI-driven methods for matching these skills with marketplace demands.

3. Insights into Prior Learning Recognition: We shared the challenges in recognizing prior learning and how digital credentials can be leveraged to address these challenges, with a focus on inclusive learning environments.

4. Practical Implementation of Digital Credentials: We dove into practical knowledge on implementing a digital credential, emphasizing the Open Badge standard and the transformative role of AI.

5. Strategies for Maximizing Value: We explored the strategic approaches and real-world examples for stacking digital credentials to maximize their value and enhance opportunities for learners.

Slides and Resources

A copy of the slides are available here.

We will add the recording as soon as it is live.

A few of the key resources mentioned in the session include:

Thank you for joining us for all three workshops this December as we explored the intersection of AI and education.