Learn AI Design with Linus Ekenstam

Learn AI Design with Linus Ekenstam

The Build Your AI Workflow course is June 27th and is perfect for designers, photographers and creative agencies.

Supercharge Your Creativity with AI

You are creative. This course helps you quickly bring ideas to life.

I’m excited to bring a different type of post to you today! Normally, I share short tutorials. Sometimes, you need to go a bit deeper. That’s why I’m partnering with AI design expert Linus Ekenstam for Build Your AI Workflow.

This high-energy course will teach you about AI by helping you use AI. You will learn to use AI, specifically Midjourney, to improve the creative visual processes of your entire team, from photography to graphic design to logo design and ideation.

We will walk through Midjourney and its potential to spark creativity and speed the development of visual ideas. During the course, you will:

  • Create ideas and mood boards with AI to define a direction for your work
  • Generate images to fit a company and "vibe", including using existing seed images
  • Fine-tune your AI images with advanced prompting
  • Export your AI images and add the final touches to your artistic work

By the end of the course, you will no longer face a blank screen. Instead, you will have new ways to generate creative ideas quickly. You will be able to complete an entire design project with the power of AI.

Midjourney breaks down barriers for anyone to participate in visual communication regardless of skill level. Join the course to unlock your creativity.

Who It's For

This course is perfect for:

📸 Photographers seeking to optimize image editing and easily create variations of their best work

👩🏽‍💻 Designer looking to spark creativity and quickly design images that fit creative briefs

🧔‍♂️ Agency owners aiming to speed and improve creative output

🧑‍🎨 AI-curious creatives, from architects to interior designers and beyond, ready to take advantage of AI tools.


We encourage companies to attend this course together. You can work in groups during our sessions to create your team's strategy and divide up tasks accordingly.

We offer organization pricing at $1499 for up to 10 seats for your company. After purchase, we will contact you for the emails of each attendee.

👉 Click here for team pricing

Meet Your Instructors

Linus Ekenstam

Linus Ekenstam is well-known across the metaverse for his jaw-dropping AI designs and helpful tutorials. His Twitter account and newsletter, Inside My Mind, inspire creativity among AI artists. This AI design wizard is a product designer with 20+ years of experience in agencies and the software industry for companies like Typeform, Hotjar, and more. When he's not going viral for life-like AI images, you'll find him in Sweden enjoying life as a dad, including creating stories for his kids with bedtimestory.ai.

Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer is a passionate teacher and builder. He is the creator of FiveMin.AI, which provides short AI tutorial videos, and the founder of Fractional AI, which helps businesses integrate AI into workflows. He has built AI courses for over 7,000 developers in the past six months. He hosts the Fractional AI blog and Ed3 podcast, exploring the future of learning and AI. When he's not building, you'll find him in Fargo - yes, like the movie - dadding with his four kids.

Course Details

The course is on June 27th from 1pm to 4pm ET. It is live and online. Everyone who registers will get all recordings, resources, and free access to any future course.

It is $399 for a single seat. Alternatively, you can have your team join the course. Up to ten seats are available for $1499 here.


What if I am scared to death of AI? 😱

Perfect! This course is for all experience levels. If you have never touched AI or if you are using it daily. This experience will show how AI can help with the entire creative process.

Who should attend?

If you create images, this is for you. It is great for designers, photographers, agency owners, and anyone who uses Photoshop or Figma.

When is it?

June 27th from 1pm ET to 4pm ET.

What if I can't attend the entire course?

Don't worry! You will have access to all recordings, resources, and lifetime access to the course.

Lifetime access? What does that mean?

That means you can join for free every time we host the course. Plus, any updated materials will be available to you. Think of it as your constantly updated learning guide.

I already bought a seat but want my team to join.

No problem! Our team pricing is perfect if you have at least three team members who want to join. If you already purchased a seat, we can refund your seat upon purchase of your team plan.