Personalizing Learning: A Workshop for Educators

Personalizing Learning: A Workshop for Educators

Bodo Hoenen, Sabba Quidwai, and I hosted a workshop in partnership with the National eLearning Center of Saudi Arabia to show how to personalize learning with AI. Here's what we covered.

The New Opportunity for Personalized Learning

Personalizing learning means giving every student an experience tailored to their interests and skills.

This individual approach quickly improves learning but is nearly impossible to implement at scale - until now.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), educators can customize their classes so every student is engaged, challenged, and assessed in a way that makes sense.

I had the chance to explore this potential thanks to a workshop hosted by the National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia. My co-presenters, Bodo Hoenen and Sabba Quidwai, joined me in exploring the present and future potential of AI in education.

Questions came in Arabic and English with attendees building AI tutors during the workshop! Here’s a look at what we covered, along with resources from the session.

About Our Session

In this session, we covered:

  1. The principles behind AI-driven personalized learning.
  2. How to design and implement individualized learning paths and projects using AI tools.
  3. How to assess and improve student work with AI

I shared details about creating personalized projects for students using AI.

Building a Project Bot

I demonstrated how to build a project bot enabling every student to learn material in their own way. We did this using my company, Chipp. You can:

  1. Sign up for free at (click “Get Started”)
  2. Create a new application
  3. Click the “playground” to build your own project bot.

With Chipp, a teacher can train an AI bot to create student projects. In the session, we walked through the “X, Y, Z Statement” to help prompt an AI tool. This prompting preparing the AI bot for students. Students can then pick aspects of a concept that interests them most or types of projects that they’re excited about.

We built a project bot to teach students about the Aztec. You can see our bot in action here:

This was just one part of a great session. The recording will be available soon, and I’ll add it to the post here. View all past recordings from NeLC here.

Resources and Links

One of the highlights was showing important tools and resources for educators. Here’s a list of what we covered:

Slides from the Presentation

We are happy to share the slides from the presentation to give you a peek of what was discussed:

Upcoming Session

This was the second of three sessions on AI in education hosted by the National eLearning Center in Saudi Arabia. Subscribe to this blog for details on our upcoming session on Digital Credentials with AI.