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๐Ÿ—ž AI Remixes Education

We're back for the first digest of 2024! As a reminder, I write about important ideas and resources at the intersection of AI, education, and tech. It's great to have you!

This week, I dove into the AI remix culture and how you could remix what I've built to personalize education.

On Remix Culture

Remix culture takes an idea and reimagines it. This is commonplace in hip-hop, Tumblr blogging, and art. Even Little Drummer Boy is being remixed with Flo Rida!

Tech has long had a culture of remixing. Open-source builders create and share. These creations are then forked, meaning builders make a copy and then put their own spin on it. 

This culture was off-limits for the rest of us. Without a technical background, open-source was open but inaccessible. 

AI, however, is created with language. We can now fork, customize, and build the same way we rhyme, rap, and riff with friends,

The power of AI is its remixability. Thanks to AI, remix culture is now available for all of us. Letโ€™s make your first remix in this post.

On AI Remixing Knowledge

AI remixes our knowledge.

You can add files or throw a bunch of data at AI, and it helps make sense of it. It resurfaces key details and makes new connections. 

Suddenly, all those notes you took are incredibly valuable. The best part? They donโ€™t have to be organized.

AI remixes the knowledge of others.

English is the language of AI. This makes it easy to learn how use AI from others. Prompts - the questions and text given to an AI - can be used and tweaked to change the outcome. Small changes can remix an AI tool to better apply to a specific industry or use case. 

AI remixes business models.

Software is built with code. That code is the intellectual property of the creator. The value of software is based on this foundational building block of code.

AI is built with a prompt. This prompt is created with natural language and is nearly impossible to protect. Anyone using an AI tool can ask for details on its prompt and piece together how to remix a similar version.

This is forcing a rethink of business models.

The value for AI companies is not their prompt but everything around it. A traditional SaaS model, where software is built once and sold twice (or 2,000 more times) should be combined with the remix culture that encourages building and sharing.

AI companies, like Chipp, are increasingly making it easier to remix.

On Remixing Education

Remixing is not something to read about. It's something to do.

Let's try it out. Why not start with education!

AI allows us to personalize education so every student can learn in a way that excites them. In this video, learn to build an AI Project Builder that enables every student to pick a project that excites them and helps them learn about a specific subject.

You can remix my prompt. Then students can click on your AI chatbot, what we call Chipp Chats, and easily:

  1. Select a topic with the subject you're teaching
  2. Create a project related to the topic that interests them
  3. Generate a grading rubric for the instructor.

How to Do It

  1. Copy the prompt I show in this video here
  2. Build a chatbot with the prompt at Chipp so students can easily access the tool, even without a GPT+ account
  3. Share a chatbot with students

On Goals for 2024

Let's keep it simple this year: meet new people. Do cool things.

I hope your year is off to a great start!

I look forward to exploring what's possible with you in the coming year. Thanks for being here!