The Five Min AI Method

The Five Min AI Method

Integrate any AI tool with the simple method: try it, apply it, amplify it

New AI tools are launching daily. How can you keep up?

The secret is the Five Min AI Method: try it, apply it, and amplify it.

The Five Min AI Method

  1. Try it - Spend <5 minutes exploring a new tool or technique. If it piques your interest, move on to step two.
  2. Apply it - Integrate the tool or technique into your own life. By using it to solve a problem you face or improve your work, you will see if it works for you. If it works, move on to step three.
  3. Amplify it - The best way to learn is to teach. By sharing your new workflow with friends and colleagues, you will improve it for yourself and help others improve their work.

This simple method will help you learn how to use an AI tool and integrate it into your daily workflow. If the tool fails at any step of the process, then you can discard it and ignore it. 😅

The latest FiveMin.AI video walks you through the method and will prepare you to quickly test and choose the best tools.

New Blueprints Coming

I’m looking forward to sharing new AI blueprints starting next week. With each of these blueprints, I encourage you to use the Five Min AI Method.

Try it.

If it’s interesting, apply it.

If it works, amplify it.

Soon, your life and work will be easier and more efficient with just a little bit of AI. 😎