1:1 Training

1:1 Training

Go pro with AI. Book a 1:1 session to get personalized training to help you learn AI using AI with Scott Meyer's guidance.

You've tried AI, but are you using it to save time and create better work? My 1:1 training is the best way to quickly get support in using AI.

Every session is led by Scott Meyer (that's me!). I'll work with you to understand your goals, challenges, and any limitations you have in regards to access, technology, or permissions. Then, we focus on what you need. Regardless of your skill level, by the end of the session, you will:

  • Understand AI best practices
  • Choose the best AI tools for your work
  • Practice using AI for your most common tasks
  • Set up an automation to enable AI to work for you (even if you don't ask it to)

All Skill Levels are Welcome

Whether you are just starting with AI or ready to unlock the newest tools and techniques, the 1:1 session is a great option.

My approach is beginner-friendly and designed to empower individuals from all backgrounds. I focus on teaching key concepts and frameworks that will remain relevant even as technology changes.

Individuals can use AI to create better work. Business leaders can learn how to integrate their learnings across their company.

What sets my training apart is a commitment to immediate integration. I don't just teach theory; I focus on real-world application - your real-world application. From the moment you step out of the session, you'll start using AI. After 90 minutes of actually using AI, you will have learned key concepts, tools, and strategy for taking advantage of AI.

Book Your Session

All sessions are 90 minutes long with an investment of $500. You can book now, including choosing your time and completing payment.