Workshop: How to Monetize a Prompt

Workshop: How to Monetize a Prompt

Take your best ChatGPT questions and turn it into a business (or at least a side hussle). We'll show you how to get started without any coding this Tuesday in our free workshop.

AI promises to make us more productive, more creative, and more human by taking away the work that is monotonous and repetitive.

To realize this vision, we must make it easy for anyone to build AI tools and monetize their ideas.

That’s why my new company Chipp is partnering with FiveMin.AI to offer a workshop this Tuesday on just that idea: how to monetize a prompt.

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Prompts as a Business

Anyone who has used ChatGPT knows how to write a prompt. It is just a question that you ask an AI tool. However, the more you use the AI tools, the more you realize the power of a perfectly crafted prompt.

English is the coding language of the future.

Being able to ask a question and get the best answer is an important skill often called prompt engineering. You may be a fantastic prompt crafter, but how can you turn that expertise into a job?

Short of being hired to be a prompt engineer, we believe it should be easy to charge other people to use your great props. Chipp makes it easy for you to do that without building a website or any intense payment solutions. This workshop will walk you through how to charge prompt both without using code and by getting more fancy with a little bit of code.

It’ll be a fun session with Hunter and me, and we hope that you can join and spread the word!

Workshop Preview

Here’s a quick look at why we think this workshop will help you as you dive into the world of AI.