Building Curriculum with AI - Bodo Hoenen of Nolej AI

Building Curriculum with AI - Bodo Hoenen of Nolej AI

Nolej AI makes it easy to develop learning materials with a single URL or video. Bodo Hoenen joins the Ed3 Podcast to discuss the future of curriculum development with AI and what it means for learners. Plus, he shares an early video demo of the product.

Teachers and curriculum designers spend a significant amount of time understanding a concept. Then, they spend more time creating curricula, projects, and exercises based on that material.

What if that work could be done in minutes? What if learners could immediately have flashcards to review key concepts and terms?

Nolej AI makes this possible.

Meet Noelj AI

In this episode, we welcome Bodo Hoenen, the first-ever repeat guest on the Ed3 Podcast. Previously, Hoenen discussed decentralized education and how learners could become teachers with his Proof of Learning Protocol.

Not surprisingly, Bodo's company was acquired at the end of 2022, joining French start-up Nolej. With his new company, he is helping to launch Nolej AI.

Nolej AI makes it easy to develop learning materials. With a single URL, blog post, video, or document, Nolej AI will generate flashcards, quizzes, summaries, and more. Future work will build on Nolej AI and continue creating a learning protocol.

The Podcast

This episode is unique because Bodo gave us a sneak peek of the tool! You can listen to the podcast for the full discussion on AI and the future of curriculum development.

The Video Demo

The YouTube video will let you see the tool in action.

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