Unplugged: How AI Makes Us Human

Unplugged: How AI Makes Us Human

Robots can make us more human. This conversation with Scott Meyer and Serj Hunt explores what new AI announcements mean for education and how it helps teachers focus on connecting with students.

Ed3 is going unplugged!

With the fast pace of change, we're excited to start weekly unscripted conversations between Serj Hunt and Scott Meyer on the latest educational changes. This will bring a conversational approach to the emerging trends we are seeing in education.

In this episode, we explore the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) tools announced this week - like GPT-4 and Midjourney 5 - and their impact on education. We focus on how AI can help humanize the learning experience. Imagine a world where teachers can focus on the human parts of their job and move away from the "bookish" work we associate with instructors.

The big takeaway: robots can make us more human.

We hit on big ideas like how AI can personalize education to meet the unique needs of each student and how AI can provide the content, so teachers provide emotional connections and support.

Enjoy this conversation on what the recent AI announcements mean for education - present and future.

Watch the conversation here.