Digital Equity with Beth Havinga of EdSAFE AI Alliance

Digital Equity with Beth Havinga of EdSAFE AI Alliance

The most important voice for digital equity that you don't know is Beth Havinga. She stands at the center of policy, capacity building and AI, working to build solutions that promote digital equity now and 10+ years down the road.

Digital equity is "a fundamental right to have access to education because we live in a digitized world."

COVID showed that schools face three big challenges for digital equity:

  • Access - connect and use tools, shockingly hard even in schools
  • Environment - not sharing devices, a quiet place to learn, etc.
  • Bias - tech solutions may be biased against certain students

I talked with Beth Havinga on the importance of digital equity and what different countries and educators are doing to tackle the problem. It was an eye-opening conversation on the problems we face today and the problems we will face in the coming years.

Havinga shares tools and policy needed to tackle these challenges, with a call-to-arms for everyone to consider digital equity in their area of expertise. You can listen as a podcast or video.