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πŸ”Œ Attribution in the AI Age: Giving Teachers Credit, Mapping Projects to Jobs, Intelligent Cooperation, and More

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The Age of AI means intelligent cooperation, a tighter connection between projects and jobs, and the potential for teachers to train and sell their models. Learn what's coming in this episode.

The Age of AI brings with it numerous questions. A big one is attribution: we don't know what our answers are based on.

In academia, where attribution, citations, and footnotes are a currency, can we give credit to the ideas feeding us answers? Might we be at our Napster to iTunes moment where we move from unregulated information flow to paid, opt-in attributed large learning models?

In this episode of Ed3: Unplugged, we look at these emerging issues and additional possibilities from AI in education.

In This Episode

Serj Hunt joins Scott Meyer to look at how teachers could train AI models and sell those models to other teachers. We talk about project-based learning and how to map those efforts to jobs. Then, we look at how technology might close the loop on identifying what to learn and getting credit for that learning.

Serj shares the concept of intelligent cooperation, where an individual can share a problem or job to be done. Then an AI can map the steps to get there. This model could solve a big problem in the world of fractional work, which is creating the scope for bounty workers.

This episode is a great exploration of the challenges that face education in the AI Age and the potential to connect learners with opportunities.

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