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πŸ— The Power of a Personalized AI Tutor - Bloom

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Tutoring at scale is now possible with AI. in this podcast, the founders of Bloom join to discuss how tutoring at scale can improve learning for all.

Personalized AI tutors can scale one-to-one tutoring. This new technology could boomerang education back to the Aristotelian model, not seen since the Industrial Age of education.

In this conversation, I sit down with the founders of Bloom. Bloom is an AI reading companion created by Courtland Leer, Thomas Howell, and Vince Trost. They are working to build the future of adaptive learning and education. You can listen as a podcast or watch on YouTube.

What AI Makes Possible with Scaled Tutoring

In this conversation, we discuss the challenges associated with scaling one-to-one tutoring and the history of education, where the Aristotelian tutoring model was used for thousands of years before the industrial model of education was introduced. The team sees generative AI as a way to return to an individualized model of education that can offer quality instruction as a supplement to the current educational system. They believe that generative AI will be a radical shift enabling high-quality, personalized education for all, regardless of location or economic status.

The team also discusses the importance of making education more enjoyable and social, with their tool - Bloom - being built around Discord, a social platform with roots in gaming. They believe the tool's ability to relate to the student's interests outside the classroom will make it more personable and enjoyable.

Lastly, the team discusses the challenge of ensuring equal access to education. Still, they believe that generative AI and the drop in cost will grow the addressable market for tutoring, making it more affordable for all students.

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