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The Transformation of Charity through Web3

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Web3 has brought about a new frontier for charitable giving, enabling coordination, cash transfer, and congruence. Learn how philanthropy will change with web3.

This article is co-written by Vriti Saraf and Scott Meyer. It was originally posted on Mirror.

Empathy is born when we can see, hear, and feel the needs of others. Nothing has pushed the ability to empathize more than social media.

The rise of smart phones and social media platforms have made everyone a reporter, bringing us face-to-face with tragedy and need around the world. We no longer empathize with just those who live near us. Our digital identities have enabled a widening of our purview and perspective, which has in-turn, shaped our in-person identities.

Unfortunately, easier access has not meant easier giving. Although we want to help those around the world, support has been filtered through a series of large organizations, sometimes with little clarity on who is actually benefiting from our resources.

The difficulty of donating to those in need around the world has been onerous… until now.

Web3 (what is web3?) has brought about a new frontier for charitable giving.

The New Charitable Powers of Web3

Web3 enables coordination, cash transfer, and congruence. These three C’s are the foundations to the future of charitable giving, unlocking new strategies such as NFT giving, gamified giving, staked yield giving, and more.

Learn how by reading the full article on Mirror (for free) here.


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