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πŸ”Œ What Schools Should Teach: Algorithmic Thinking, Adaptability, Agency, and More

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Teaching skills for the future is aiming at a moving target. In this Unplugged conversation, Serj Hunt and Scott Meyer talk through approaches to teaching what matters and how skills like algorithmic thinking will matter in the coming years.

What skills are needed for the future?

In this Ed3: Unplugged, Serj Hunt argues it is a moving target, but key skills like adaptability and agency will be needed regardless of technological change.

Scott Meyer and Hunt discuss algorithmic thinking and compare it to other frameworks like systems thinking. It is possible that the ability to communicate with machines will (or is) a key skill. It will become more important as we move towards the Age of Intelligence, where we must gather and interpret data, even if we never have perfect data.

This short, focused discussion is a great way to think about the future of learning. Hope you enjoy it as a podcast or YouTube video.



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